Who We Are

The Impact Economy Foundation (IEF) is a global think-tank devoted to advancing the impact economy, which focuses on pursuing financial return alongside positive social and environmental impact. We work with governments, multilateral organizations, academic institutions, corporations, and communities to generate positive value.

Our mission is to drive systemic change through global thought leadership on the impact economy. 

Our approach is to: 

1. Advance knowledge on the impact economy through independent, in-depth, cutting edge research and policy recommendation;

2. Raise awareness on how to bridge corporate goals with societal progress, environmental conservation and fair governance; 

3. Drive systemic change on how to make business with purpose and generate value for all stakeholders;

4. Facilitate public-private collaboration to create a comprehensive impact economy framework.

Our ambition is to be the leading global knowledge hub on the impact economy and drive change through fact-based research, analysis and debate, fostering partnerships and working in collaboration with other research organizations to accelerate the process as a catalyzer in the following priority areas: (1) Competitive and Sustainable Cities; (2) Innovative and Sustainable Finance; and (3) Sustainable Development Acceleration. 

The Impact Economy Foundation was founded by and is affiliated with the Granito Group.